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Who we are & what we do

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The Gruppo IspAC Associazione (GIA), a non-profit association, aims at promoting, encouraging and spreading technical and cultural initiatives among the greatest possible number of people, companies, institutions, etc. of various sectors of anticorrosion.

GIA carries out, among others, the following activities:

- to spread knowledge, at the current state of the art, relating to anticorrosive processes, through publications, conferences, round tables and so on;

- to share with the interested parties the results obtained by the standards bodies responsible for safeguarding quality in the field of anticorrosion, also thanks to the experiences of the participants;

- to keep technical and information reports with associations, public and private bodies, governmental bodies or third parties, both Italian and foreign;

- to support the principles of protection of the external and internal environment;

- to spread the quality in anticorrosion;

- to arrange congresses, round tables and any other public-relation initiatives aimed at achieving the purpose of the Association;

- to carry out institutional advertising campaigns on anti-corrosion and its uses and / or advantages;

- to organize, evaluate exam results and assign levels, acting as an EXAMINATION BODY, all those who should take part in the FROSIO TRAINING AND QUALIFICATION COURSES carried out (in Italy) by the University of Genoa, as a qualified TRAINING BODY.