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Who we are

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The Gruppo IspAC was founded in 1997, with the aim of making operational a technical reality able to assist and support Italian and foreign customers in solving technical problems that are commonly encountered in the field of Anticorrosive Protection of Steel and Concrete by using liquid paints.

The company is formed by Corrosion Inspectors certified by the "Carlo Banfo" school that has gained extensive and consolidated professional experience in the field of anti-corrosion and in particular in the following sectors:

Chemical, petrochemical
Design and engineering Steel Industry
Metal carpentry Naval

Some associates, in addition to the qualification of INAC inspector, have been qualified as Inspector Frosio and / or Nace, and therefore the IspAC Group is able to meet the specific requirements of the international certified Inspectors.
Our associates operate in diversified anti-corrosion areas and therefore, thanks to these heterogeneous work experiences IspAC Group is able to support its customers in all his needs.

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