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What do we do

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Gruppo IspAC:

Conducts the following inspections at the construction site and / or in the factory:
- verification of the preparation level of the surfaces
- measurements and checks on the painting cycle
- verification and consideration of any defect
- testing and / or testing on site or in laboratory with evaluation and certification of the results obtained
- elaboration of technical specifications and procedures relating to the corrosion protection of steel and concrete

Studies on the durability of paint cycles

Organizes personnel training courses on demand for companies and contractors. The courses are related to anti-corrosion themes.

Organizes periodic refresher courses to its inspectors on topics of relevant importance.

Recognized and entrusted by FROSIO , Norwegian Entity, to organize in collaboration with the University of Genoa from 2009 exclusive training courses for Italy, allowing people to get the qualification of FROSIO certified inspectors on the basis of the legislation NS476

Works on editorial with the publication of own articles on sectoral topics: "Corrosion and Corrosion Elements" edition 2008 and updated February 2009