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Course Frosio

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Since 2009, the Gruppo IspAC is recognized and commissioned by FROSIO (an internationally accredited Norwegian institution) to organize exclusive qualification and certification exams for Coating Inspectors Level I II III for Italian territory in accordance with standard NS 476.

The University of Genoa Faculty of Chemistry (dichep "Department of Chemical and Process Engineering") collaborate with the IspAC Group to carry out the theoretical and practical activities of the course.

The course offers the possibility of expanding and accrediting the preparation and professionalism in the field of protective coatings and anti-corrosion. The courses are highly specialized, comparable to an university exam both for theoretical and practical completeness. This is possible because of the consolidated experience of Frosio that has 20 years of experience with over 7,000 Qualified and Certified Level II and III Coating Inspectors operating all over the world.

Frosio is one of the most popular Coating Inspector certifications in all countries where the presence of companies operating in the areas most sensitive to corrosion and anti-corrosion problems (Off Shore - Chemicals and Petrochemicals - Energetic - etc.) is present.

The courses are held by accredited schools by Frosio who tests the candidates´ preparation, directly conducting the theoretical-practical exam.

The teaching material is given at the time of enrollment. In this regard, the main reference for the preparation of the examination questions will be the text "Corrosion protection inspector´s book of reference" by Frosio.

The additional benefit of the course (which is unique for all the 3 levels of qualification) is that the exam will be made in Italian in order to avoid misunderstandings on the common technical terms used in English the questions will also be written in English.

After passing the exam, the Level will be recognized based on the experience gained in the Curriculum Vitae.

The price of the exams are:
1,100 Euro + VAT for the first exam
900 Euro + VAT for the second exam (even partial) for both associates and non-associates

For Course Information:
E mail: mail@gruppoispac.org